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Join and support MICOD activities through donation or fundraising and volunteering towards our causes



Support MICOD activities through donation or fundraising. Make an impact today:

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Take Action by Volunteering with us through the following programs

1. Democracy Village

  • Mobilize and coordinate monthly meetings.
  • Make follow-up on resolutions made during monthly meetings
  • Organize Democracy village day (community sharing of their experiences and exhibit their products)
  • Conduct health and sanitation competitions
  • Organize community engagement with their leaders on issues of service delivery

2. Capacity Development and strengthening

  • Food security and livelihood Trainings
  • Mentoring of community based organization in financial management
  • Income generating skills training

3. Strategic Programs

  • Regional Solidarity and synergy building
  • Environment, conservation, Oil and gas engagements
  • Lobbying and advocacy campaigns

4. Information and Networking

Updating organizational twitter handle, Facebook page and others